An Ocean Literacy and Leadership Camp for young girls aged 15 and 18 is ready to start another year.

The third annual camp is hosted at the Tribune Bay Outdoor Education Centre and because it’s expecting a lot of interest, it’s starting the registration process now.

District Environment and Outdoor Learning Lead Teacher Serina Allison, says the camp gives girls a great opportunity to learn about the ocean and how they can help keep it clean.

“There will be opportunities to explore the wonders of the ocean and to self reflect on the personal choices you make in your life and how it directly affects the health of the ocean,” said Allison.

Ocean Wise’s Manager of Children and Youth Programs, Hailey Renaud added that the program really brings young girls together.

“By collaborating with young women around the province, challenging your physical abilities, and gaining motivation through mentors in the field, you will come away feeling supported and reflect how we are part of a greater community working towards positive change.”

Ocean Literacy & Leadership Camp 2019

Regular registration starts January 15th but you can get on the waitlist right now.

The OLLC is a 4 credit-online course and in-person camp for young women to explore personal leadership strengths in being advocates for our ocean.

The camp will take place from July 12th to 16th.

More information can be found here.