Green Friday is just around the corner.

On Nov. 29, Coast Range Cannabis is asking you to bring your mixed-material cannabis packaging to the Comox store.

The packaging will be recycled through the Tweed X TerraCycle program.

TerraCycle is a global leader in handling hard-to-recycle waste. 

Instead of landfilling the packaging, it’s moved into a circular system, meaning cannabis packaging can keep cycling through the economy. 

TerraCycle takes it, cleans it, and melts it down into plastic pellets that are transformed into new products – such as park benches and prosthetic limbs. 

“November 29th is typically Black Friday,” store owner Sheila Rivers said. 

“At Coast Range, we feel it’s necessary to impart environmental responsibly into what is usually a consumer-driven day. We want to be able to use our business to help drive sustainability in this industry. No one wants to put more waste in the landfill, so let’s all turn it into something useful.”

To encourage customers to bring in their packaging, Coast Range will give those who take advantage of the program a discount on Friday.  

“Providing a product discount during our Green Friday will help motivate people to bring in their packaging,” Rivers said. 

“Whenever we let customers know we send off the packaging to be reused, they throw their hands up in the air and say, ‘Great! I’ve got a cupboard full of packaging that I had no idea what to do with.’ Bring it in, whether you purchased from Coast Range or not and get a discount this Friday.”

Coast Range’s Green Friday event runs in conjunction with the Comox BIA Christmas Tree Light Up. 

Businesses in Comox will be open late, and will also have mini-events running. 

“The BIA Light Up is a great community event the perfect excuse to come to downtown Comox,” said co-owner Chris Rivers.  

Green Friday runs from 9:00am to 9:00pm at Coast Range Cannabis, 221C Church Street, beside Church Street Bakery in Comox.