Campbell River-Opoly is flying off the shelves.

The board game is being sold exclusively at the Campbell River Walmart, where it’s a sizzling commodity.

Outset Media partnered with Walmart Canada to launch the limited edition game that shines a light on all things Campbell River.

It takes a distinctively local spin on the classic game of Monopoly. 

Landmarks and attractions on the board include the Quinsam River Hatchery, Discovery Pier, Painter’s Lodge, Big Rock, downtown, and many others.

Campbell River-Opoly game board. (Supplied by Outset Media).

Outset Media senior vice-president, Jean Paul Teskey, said this particular ‘Opoly’ game is outselling its peers.

“It looks like every time we’ve shipped (the game to the Campbell River Walmart), it has sold out immediately,” Teskey said. 

“It’s probably the quickest selling game that we’ve done and we’ve done almost 50 games across the country.”

The first 150 games that arrived in late October sold out on the same day. 

Outset Media’s point of sale data shows that 300 more games were shipped to the local Walmart last week and they were snapped up immediately, as well.

Teskey is calling Campbell River-Opoly’s popularity, “incredible.”

“This is selling better than Toronto-Opoly, or Vancouver-Opoly,” he said. “It’s really amazing numbers to see.”

But fear not, Campbell River-Opoly fans: the final 294 games are being shipped to the local Walmart and should arrive late next week.

This is your last chance to own a Campbell River-Opoly.

“That’s every last one that we’ve got,” Teskey said.