USW 1-1937 says the rally and fundraiser tomorrow at Robert Ostler Park in support of forestry workers is actually backed by contractors.

The union is asking its members to be aware of contractor owners organizing a rally in Campbell River on Dec. 16th, “which is being disguised as a rally and fundraising event for their members to attend.”

The rally is organized by a group calling itself “Taking A Stand” which, according to the union, “is a front for contractor owners trying to trick USW members into thinking it is a rally for them.”

Michelle Downey, a member of the “Taking A Stand” group defended the rally this morning saying “someone suggested that our rally was put on by contractors. This is untrue. It is offensive that this was posted to union members and told them not to attend. We are not connected to contractors.”

Downey went on to say “we are holding this rally and food drop off fundraiser to help union families who are affected by the long strike. Please understand that this isn’t motivated by someone trying to manipulate negotiations. We hope there is resolution very soon.”

The union says “the speakers for the rally are supposedly BC Liberal MLAs who were part of the government that lost over 30,000 jobs and oversaw the closure of over 100 manufacturing facilities while log exports soared in coastal BC.”

On the other hand, Downey says that “speakers at our rally will reflect on how the long strike has affected families.”

The rally is an “underhanded attempt” to convince its members to accept WSP’s latest offer, says the union, which they describe as “substandard” and “concession filled.”

Members are being told that contractor owners are “only looking out for their own self interest.”

We have reached out to USW 1-1937 for comment.