The annual Comox Firefighter tree chipping fundraiser has generated $4,200 for the Comox Valley You are Not Alone(YANA) organization.

The annual project took place over the weekend and Executive Director with YANA, Kelly Barnie says the money and support goes a long way.

“All the money that’s raised through our community-led fundraisers is directed to our accommodations and family funding program so anytime someone needs to leave the valley with their child or a pregnant mom for medical reasons all of those fundraising dollars go directly towards those programs,” says Barnie.

“When these community-led fundraisers are done over and over again and we have such ongoing support it’s really the kind of sustainable funding we count on. 95 percent of the money that comes into YANA throughout the year is raised locally and is used locally.”

She added that the relationship with the Comox Valley Fire Department is something the organization wouldn’t be able to function without.

“This is just one of the things they do every year for us. They fundraise for us on a regular basis. They come out, they volunteer, They show up for our time and time again and we couldn’t appreciate it more.”