The Conservation Office is sending out a warning for the Comox Valley, after another cougar was spotted, this time on Lake Trail Road.

According to Conservation Officer Gord Gudbranson, the cougar was stalking three young boys as they walked along Lake Trail road, exhibiting aggressive behavior.

The boys ran into a nearby convenience store and told the clerk about the animal. The clerk called the conservation office, sending officers out to search the area.

He’s warning all Comox Valley residents to take extra precautions when walking or jogging outdoors, especially on area trails. For instance, don’t wear headphones, walk with a friend, and if you do see a cougar, make eye contact with the animal, and never turn your back on it.

Gudbranson is also asking for the parents of the young boys to call the office so they can finish up their investigation. The number to call there is 1-877-952-7277.