A Campbell River man who pointed a gun at a cop and owned a stash of guns is going to jail.

Tony Green has been sentenced to two years after pleading guilty to 18 weapons charges from when he pointed a gun at an off-duty police officer’s head. The Campbell River man, who is 55-years-old, is also going to be on probation for two years and is banned from owning guns for 15 years.

In January of last year, Green was walking his dog in the Beaver Lodge Forest Lands.  As they passed Constable Nick Underhill, who was riding a bike, Green’s dog started chasing him.

A confrontation between the men ensued in the parking lot, which is when Green pulled the gun and pointed it at Underhill’s head. Things cooled down, Underhill got in his car and called 911, and Green was arrested at his home after Underhill followed him back there.

Police searched his home and found hundreds of guns, other weapons, and explosives such as dynamite throughout. A number of the guns were unregistered.

Of Green’s 18 charges, 17 were related to pointing the gun at Underhill’s head, while the last one was for breaching his bail when police found him out with a sword cane in October. Several others, he was facing around two dozen originally, were stayed.

Both the Crown and Green’s defence are now working out which of his large collection of weapons he will have to hand over.