The COVID-19 pandemic is having an effect on the Comox Valley Airport.

Acting CEO Alex Robertson says he’s already seeing fewer passengers.

“We’re expecting the announcement that stated to avoid air travel unless it was necessary has started to impact our world here,” he said.

Flights go back and forth from Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, and, on a weekly basis, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

The government has issued a travel advisory to avoid non-essential travel outside of Canada until further notice.

Robertson said the airport is well equipped to handle an uncertain future.

“Our financial position is strong so we’re pretty confident we can weather the storm which is good,” he said. “Other airports aren’t always as fortunate as we are on that one. It’s very early, though, and no one’s really got a good grip on the true consequences or impact of this.”

Meanwhile efforts are ramping up at the airport to keep passengers safe.

Following its own Pandemic Response Plan, and with guidance from the Public Health Agency of Canada the Comox Valley Airport Commision (CVAC) is:

  • Increasing signage for education and information purposes regarding prevention, and what to do if showing symptoms;
  • Increasing cleaning cycles of touch points and eating areas;
  • Rotating bathroom closures to facilitate the enhanced cleaning cycle;
  • Ensuring that hand sanitizer units are readily available, and that all hand soap dispensers are promptly refilled; 
  • Continuing to emphasize the need for thorough hand washing, social distancing, and proper sneeze/cough etiquette; and
  • Advising any staff members who experience fever with flu-like symptoms to stay at home

For information regarding air travel, including bookings, cancellations, and current policies in effect, contact your airline. 

Since the World Health Organization declared a pandemic, the airport has ceased volunteer support until further notice.

Robertson said it was a hard decision because they provide such a welcoming environment when you arrive at the airport.”

Click here for links to all of the carriers serving the Comox Valley Airport.

For the most accurate and up-to-date information on the COVID-19 situation, visit the Public Health Agency of Canada – PHAC’s website

PHAC has established a toll-free COVID-19 information line, which you can reach by calling 1-833-784-4397.