A Nanaimo based satire website is taking a different approach to helping during the COVID-19 crisis.

The Nanaimo Beacon has launched a program to help deliver anything self-isolated COVID-19 patients might need.

It’s called the ‘Beacon Buddies’ initiative.

The Beacon told the MyComoxValleyNow.com newsroom that the program is an attempt at connecting people who are in quarantine with their neighbours who are able to do occasional outside errands for them like picking up groceries, or prescriptions.

Over 500 volunteers from across the island have signed up to be one of the volunteers.

The Beacon says all those volunteers have helped create 836 opportunities for assistance stretching from Ladysmith, all the way up to Campbell River.

Originally set up in Nanaimo, the Beacon says it expanded its service area simply because people wanted it.

“What made us expand beyond Nanaimo? Need, that’s all. People asked us to do it, and so we did it. We’re pretty much at max capacity for our little volunteer crew here, so we likely won’t be able to add any more largish areas.”

For more information about the Beacon Buddies program, or to sign up as a volunteer, click here.