Courtenay Mayor Bob Wells says the closure is just another step to help limit the spread of COVID-19.

“We’re really just talking about playgrounds and playground structures which are just, unfortunately, a place for the coronavirus to sit, wait and infect other people.”

“So were really asking people to avoid those structures. Don’t let your kids play on them, don’t let adults play on them either and let’s do everything we can to flatten that curve and keep people safe.”

Wells adds that with the COVID-19 pandemic, you have to ask yourself what is considered essential travel and what isn’t.

“The federal government and the provincial government’s pretty clear that were looking at what’s essential; obviously getting food, medical treatment, pharmaceutical drugs, those things are absolutely critical but then really looking at having people ask the question, ‘is it essential that I go out today, ‘is it something that can be delayed?’”

“Over the coming days and weeks were going to get into a bit of a rhythm, but right now obviously it’s uncharted territory. We’re all working as hard as we can. People are looking after themselves. Their mental and physical health is going to be absolutely tested over the coming weeks and months.”