The Canadian Tire store in Courtenay is stepping up with a sweet gesture for the Girl Guides of BC.

They’re selling boxes of Girl Guide cookies at the store with all proceeds going back to the organization.

Manager Bert Heeringa said the Girl Guides were having trouble selling them, given the COVID-19 situation.

He said that’s why they volunteered to sell 60 dozen boxes.

“If they can get them to us, we can make that happen,” Heeringa said. “It was pretty straightforward. I just sent an email and followed up with a phone call and a day later they came and they were delighted because they are really puzzled as to how they are going to sell all these cookies.”

You can find the boxes near the cashiers.

Heeringa said they’re selling like hotcakes.

“We’re just about to place another order, we’ve sold through that many,” Heeringa said.

He said it’s a “fun initiative in a time when the community is looking for some bright spots.”

“The Girl Guides have sold cookies at our store for years. For the last 25 years, I’ve always had the Girl Guides sell cookies at the front (of the store). So they are unable to do that so it seems like a natural extension of that.”