The Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD) is transitioning away from a pandemic response and focusing on the renewal of local government services in the community.

The CVRD board has elected to take a measured response and has identified the five key principles to help shape its renewal plan.

  • Maintaining core services at an affordable cost
  • Sustaining stable services in support of the local economy
  • Adapting to changing community priorities
  • Realigning resources to support community recovery initiatives
  • Communicating clearly about actions

The CVRD says these principles will form an important part of a new framework that will be used to develop the plan in order to focus operations for the remainder of 2020.

In developing the renewal plan, staff will consider the relevance and priority of projects for the CVRD’s eight core services – regional growth strategy, sewage treatment, water supply, finance and administration, transit, emergency programs, recreation and electoral areas services.

Financial impacts, cost savings and new ways to enhance partnerships for service delivery will be studied.

The regional district says while it has asked staff to take a measured approach, directors agreed that more recommendations could result in ways to do business differently, including adjusting service levels or projects being cancelled or delayed.

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