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5th Street closure postponed

Saturday’s 5th Street road closure has been postponed.

This at the request of the Downtown Courtenay Business Improvement Association (DCBIA).

The City of Courtenay is asking you to stay tuned for more information about possible road closures on 5th Street “to give more space for physical distancing this summer.”

Tomorrow’s closure would have applied to 5th Street between Cliffe and England Avenues from 9:00am to 7:00pm.

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Courtenay’s Manager of Transportation and Utilities Kyle Shaw says the city will be closely working with the DCBIA and if future closures are successful, they may be extended on future Saturdays through mid-September.

“Staff have the opportunity and the board members post this first closure to get feedback from the members and their encounters with the public this weekend to ensure that this is effective and is meeting the needs of the user groups and then expand that if necessary, or if not for that matter,” Shaw said before the postponement announcement.

Courtenay has set aside $12,400 for the initiative, which will cover the cost of the closure and other expenses like staff wages, signage and traffic control until mid-September.

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