The Campbell River & District Chamber of Commerce and the Comox Valley Chamber of Commerce have teamed up to launch a new campaign called Explore Next Door.

It encourages locals in both Campbell River and in the Comox Valley to explore their own neighbouring community.

The goal behind the infinitive is to encourage locals to support tourism without having to travel too far during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

“Even though we cannot travel to exotic locales this summer, we can certainly explore our own gorgeous surroundings and discover all the things to see and do right next door,” says Mary Ruth Snyder, Executive Director of the Campbell River Chamber.

Residents in both communities are invited to plan a day trip and post their explorations on their social media with the following hashtags: #ExploreNextDoor, #MeetYourNeighbours, #MeetOurNeighbours, and #ExploreBC.

To launch the campaign, Mary Ruth Snyder, Executive Director of the Campbell River Chamber, spent a day exploring the Comox Valley and Dianne Hawkins, CEO of the Comox Valley Chamber, spent day exploring Campbell River. 

Both day trips were filmed by Unveil Studios, a Comox Valley Chamber member.

Videos of the day trips can be found here:

One Minute Campbell River version:

One Minute Comox Valley version:

Full length (16 min) version: