A handful of water-monitoring devices are being installed at Air Force Beach starting on Sunday.

They’ll be put in above the high-tide mark and will be within the Department of National Defence property boundary.

They’re designed to allow consultants to collect samples in September and January. 

The samples will be used to assess the water quality flowing from 19 Wing.

It’s being done by SLR Consulting, under contract from the Department of National Defenceand as part of 19 Wing Comox’s environmental monitoring program.

The five water-monitoring devices will be put in along the DND property line.

The devices or piezometers – a small plastic pipe from which samples of water and soil samples can be taken – will be installed over a period of several days and may be left in place until January 2021. 

“The Department of National Defence is proud to be a good neighbour in the Comox Valley,” 19 Wing said. 

“The robust environmental program at 19 Wing Comox supports initiatives that proactively help to identify and mitigate any environmental issues that may evolve over the years.”