Thrilled! That pretty much sums up the reaction from Hornby Island Fire Chief Giff La Rose after 83 per cent of those who cast their ballots in a referendum, said yes to a new Hornby Island Firehall.

La Rose says voter turnout from islanders was excellent, as voters turned out to the polls in droves.

La Rose says the process of tendering out the project will likely be underway sometime in June.

La Rose says the new state of the art firehall will also serve as a post disastor emergency centre, to better facilitate various emergency services.

La Rose says the facility will be designed to handle a wide range of services for the next 50 years.

The unofficial results of the proposed loan authorization bylaw have been released.

83 percent of voters said yes, while only 17 percent of voters went with a negative response.

A chief election official’s review will be conducted this week and the official results will be announced before Wednesday at 4:30 p.m.