Courtenay is moving ahead with the 5th Street Bridge Rehabilitation Project.

The city must now get approval from residents before passing the loan authorization bylaw through an Alternative Approval Process.

Council won’t be able to push the project along if at least 10 percent, or 2,017, of electors decide they would rather not see the initiative proceed. 

The 5th Street Bridge Rehabilitation Project was first approved by Courtenay back in June of last year and is expected to cost $6.3 million.

You can share your concerns with the council via an in-person form at city hall, or online on the City of Courtenay’s website

Residents will have until November 16th at 4:30 pm to express opposition to the project. 

City staff will then report back to council in early December regarding the outcome of the AAP process and if less than 2,017 elector responses are received in opposition, the loan authorization bylaw will move ahead to final adoption which is expected to be in late January of next year.