Vancouver Island’s “home away from home” for families needing to travel for their children’s health care is celebrating 9 years. 

The Jeneece Place in Victoria, run by the Children’s Health Foundation of Vancouver Island, turned 9 last week. It’s a place where children and their families can stay while receiving medical care in Victoria.

It’s an important milestone for the organization as a new location for families on the North Island is planning to open this year.

The Foundation is working to build Q̓ʷalayu House, which will act as a home away from home for families who need to travel to Campbell River to access maternal and pediatric care and will be set up next to the hospital.

Inspired by the success of Jeneece Place, the Children’s Health Foundation of Vancouver Island says the new spot will provide a safe, comfortable, and supportive place for the entire family to stay, alleviating their emotional and financial stress.

 “North Island families often travel hours by car, bus, or boat to access maternal or pediatric health care. The travel required can turn a 2-hour appointment into an overnight journey,” explained Children’s Health Foundation CEO, Veronica Carroll

 “You can imagine how physically and emotionally exhausting, and financially challenging, it is for a family with children who need ongoing or critical health care. Qwalayu House will be there to support and nurture those families.”

To learn more about the Children’s Health Foundation’s Jeneece Place in Victoria, and the new  Q̓ʷalayu House in Campbell River, visit the organization’s website.