The Comox Valley RCMP is sending out some tips after it received a rental scam complaint.

Earlier this month, police say they received a call from someone who was scammed by a rental posting in the valley.

The man told police he responded to an ad for a local property, signed a lease agreement and sent $1700 by e-transfer to secure the rental. 

Unfortunately, this was a copied listing that was used to trick people into handing over their money. 

The RCMP says if you’re looking to rent a property, be cautious and take careful steps to ensure you don’t lose your money.

Police say some of the warning signs of a scam are that the rent is lower than similar properties, you’re being asked to pay rent without a formal rental or lease agreement in place, or the pictures of the property don’t seem to match the actual property.

Some tips on how to avoid being scammed include going to the address in person or by researching it online to know what it looks like and where it’s located.

You should also make sure a proper tenancy agreement is signed by both parties, and don’t pay with cash.