The Canadian Forces Snowbirds are coming to the Comox Valley next week and a local art group is hosting a contest to welcome them.

The Access Community Art Studio is calling all artists to share their work of the Snowbirds while using the Comox Valley as a backdrop.

There is no limitation to what you can create, the only rules are that the finished piece must show at least one Snowbird plane and have some element of the Comox Valley landscape in it.

The winner will walk away with a free hour-long private art class for two.

If you want to take part, you can create your artwork and share it with the Comox Valley Access Community Art Studio via email, or by bringing it into their studio on Comox Ave and Anderton Road. 

The contest is open to anyone who wants to take part and the winner will be chosen based on effort. The winner will be chosen on June 1st, so you have all of May to share your creations.

More information can be found on The Access Community Art Studio Comox Valley’s Facebook Page.