At 11:30pm today, a 19 Wing captain will begin his 40 hour long march across the Comox Valley to fundraise support for homeless people.

Captain Fahim Awan’s 160km march has four sections. 

The 40km marches, which are typically completed in the Netherlands as 4-40km marches over 4 days, will be completed in half that time by Awan. He is estimated to complete the march on June 22nd at 3:30pm.

Comox Valley residents are encouraged to cheer him and other 19 Wing members on.

Awan has previously expressed that he wants to combat homelessness, and that many recent crises in the community have put at-risk people in a worse position. He feels that Comox Care-a-van bypasses stigma around homelessness, which is why he decided to fundraise for them.

To donate to Care-a-van, direct deposit is accepted via [email protected], cheques can be mailed to 2800 Cliffe Avenue in Courtenay, and online donations are accepted at