Emterra is reporting delays with recycling, organics, and yard waste collection in the Comox Valley.

Yard waste was not picked up in Courtenay Monday in zone 1 and will also not be collected in zone 2 Tuesday.

Emterra is currently prioritizing garbage pick up and is planning to pick up yard waste in the city on the next scheduled collection days.

An update for zones 3,4, and 5 is expected later this week.

Emterra also missed recycling, organic, and yard waste collection at properties in Comox Friday.

The waste management service is trying to get help from staff in other divisions, but Emterra doesn’t expect the missed pickups in the town to take place until this upcoming Friday.

Recycling collection has also been postponed in Cumberland, and Emterra has not scheduled a new collection time.

Emterra was picking up yard waste in the village Tuesday morning.

Updates will be provided on the affected communities websites.