The Comox Valley Lifelong Learning Centre (CVLLC) is celebrating Literacy Month by bringing literacy to the outdoors.

The centre is launching a community book bike in the fall and will be asking for donations throughout Literacy Month, which is taking place in September.

The tricycle includes a cargo box with an interior bookshelf, lid shelf, brochure holder, and chalkboard.

The bike is being used to help the centre provide free children’s books and advice about early literacy and family support programs.

“While we recognize that the model for reading and learning is traditionally an indoor one, we are hoping that by bringing books into public spaces in an engaging way, we can encourage families and children to recognize that any space can include the joy of reading,” said Comox Valley Lifelong Learning Centre Executive Director Peter Bazovsky. “Our community has a huge number of services for both individuals and families, and even selecting one or reaching out for assistance can be a daunting prospect. We hope that by offering conversations and recommendations for programming in community settings, parents can feel supported in navigating their families needs.”

The centre is looking for people to ride the bike in the Comox Valley and to donate used children’s books.