Parent volunteers at Courtenay Elementary School have collected, sorted, and distributed hundreds of donated books to students this year, and they are looking for more to keep students reading through the summer.

Education experts emphasize that summer reading is critical to maintaining and consolidating learning that happens during the school year, but many kids don’t have books at their level available when they are not at school.

That’s why parents and staff along with community partners are hosting a book and reading resource fair for students and their families on afternoon of June 16th at Courtenay Elementary.

“Our volunteers at the school have done a great job getting books to students throughout the year,” says Principal Kyle Timms. “But we could use even more books to keep the reading momentum going throughout the summer. If your children have left elementary school, now’s the time to clear some room on their shelf and we’ll make sure the books will be well used.”

Mr. Timms notes the strong correlation that, on average, students with more books at home are better readers and their reading levels don’t drop off during the summer compared to children who don’t have their own home reading materials.

Books can be dropped off between 8:30 and 4 p.m. Books should be in good condition and be appropriate for children up to 12 up until June 13. Books for pre-school children are also appreciated as the school is home to three early learning programs in addition to many students with younger siblings.