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Improving quality of life for seniors focus of Legacy of Light fundraiser

With high costs of living and an increase in the need for seniors’ care, Glacier View Lodge says its Legacy of Light fundraiser will try and bring a better quality of life for its residents.

Located on Back Road, the lodge’s fundraiser lets you buy light bulbs for a display that gets turned on every December to shine over the valley. Each bulb costs $20, and previous years have seen it help fundraise for a new bus with a wheelchair ramp, new curtains, and interior design projects.

Director of lifestyle and community programs Norah Fish says the non-profit care home has just over 100 full-time residents and an adult day program for 75 clients, community bathing and a respite bed.

With things getting more expensive, they want the fundraiser to help them provide more luxuries to the residents and day program adults that may be lacking.

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“We always use the Legacy of Light for quality-of-life initiatives that aren’t paid for by health authority funding,” said Fish. “We have more residents coming in without funds, without family, that are unable to participate in recreation in the same way.

“We’re looking at quality-of-life a little more globally. We need a fund to make sure that everyone can participate and on initiatives that would benefit everyone in the building.”

Luxuries include live music, haircuts for people without money, gardening supplies and others. Fish adds that the centre has seen a lot of younger men between the ages of 60 and 70-years-old who want to be part of the community but have “shoestring” budgets.

“We’re rethinking our recreation and we’re rethinking the programs that we offer and we’re trying to make it accessible to everyone and ensure that everyone has access to hobbies and recreation and community,” added Fish.

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The fundraiser is on now and the lights, forming a start, will be lit on Dec. 4. Fish says it is a reminder to the community to think about their loved ones and others touched by the lodge. She adds seeing people benefit from the fundraiser is very gratifying. 

“I think when peoples’ needs are met, we really see people flourish and it’s normal for people to get a second chance at life when they come here and they’re able to development friendships and really engage in community,” said Fish.

“We’re always trying to find out what people’s moments of joy are and create opportunities for them to do things they used to love to do.”  

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