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Chicken travels abroad on truck 

A chicken has flown the coup and made the two-hour to Nanaimo by hitching a ride in the undercarriage of a truck. 

Nanaimo animal control specialist Mike Sherman says the chicken arrived on a recycling truck headed to The Harbour City, but he was surprised at how little the new environment frightened the animal. 

“When crews brought the truck into the lot to unload, the chicken just made itself at home in their recycling yard,” he says. “It was unphased, so it’s definitely a chicken that’s been handled a lot.” 

Sherman says they made every attempt to contact the owners, but eventually, they needed to put the animal up for adoption. 

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“After 72 hours an impounded animal becomes property of the City of Nanaimo,” he says. “We gave it a couple of extra days because of the circumstances.” 

The chicken was picked up on Saturday to live in a new home, and Sherman says the centre sees animals come in regularly, but this situation was unique. 

“It is unusual circumstances how the chicken came to be with us,” he says. “We do pick them up occasionally throughout the year for trespassing on someone’s property. 

“We usually find out they’re from a neighbour’s coup and they’ve just hopped a fence.” 

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He adds the chicken is just living a happy life plucking around and being a normal chicken. 

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