November 18th-22nd is Animal Rescue Appreciation Week at Jet FM! We have so many amazing local animal shelters and organizations doing what they can to help our animals, but with winter coming, they could use some help.


Mack will be broadcasting the afternoon show live from 3 different rescues in the Comox Valley to help them get what they need for winter!


Monday, November 18th – Dev’s Dahlin’ Donkeys – 2-5pm 

We’re kicking off the week with the donkeys! Mack will be broadcasting live from the donkey paddock from 2-5pm. Learn about how much it costs to take care of these donkeys, Dev’s story, and how you can get more donkey love in your life! We’ll be hearing from the donkey’s vet, the volunteers, and Dev herself to find out how we can help!

If you’d like to donate, here is Dev’s wishlist:

Dev’s Donkey Wishlist

Some more details:

  -Fencing: metal or wooden fence posts, 2 rolls of wire fencing

-Metal roofing for barn roof (leaky)

-Tent shelter replacement (donkeys ripped)

-2×4’s or 4×4’s plywood, concrete post holders

-Gate posts x3 (current are rotting)

-Barn rakes (plastic pitchforks for paddock cleaning) 

-Alfalfa cubes

-Kool Krunch

-Horse treats

-Grooming tools


-Wood shavings / sawdust

-Barley straw


Learn more about Dev and her donkeys here:


Wednesday, November 20th – Kitty Cat PALS – 2-5pm 

Wednesday, you’ll find Mack at Kitty Cat PALS. Learn all about how many cats they help with their spay and neuter program, how you can find your new family member, and what you can do to allow them to help more cats!

If you’d like to donate, here is KCP’s Wishlist:

Learn more about Kitty Cat PALS here:


Friday, November 22nd – Comox Valley BCSPCA – 2-4pm

We wrap up the week at our Comox Valley BCSPCA! We’ll be here until 4 to accept donations for the shelter’s animals.

If you’d like to donate, here’s the BCSPCA’s wishlist:


Learn more about the Comox Valley BCSPCA here: Comox Valley BCSPCA Website