A group of Comox residents that are against the proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline had a second request to appear as a delegation before Town council rejected.

The group had earlier applied to appear as a delegation, but were denied the request. So, they appealed it, and were hoping to say their piece at the July 16th meeting, but were rejected again. Council voted 4-3 to not allow the delegation.

Comox Mayor Paul Ives says, the group was looking for support in voicing opposition against tanker traffic and pipelines in the province, but that simply falls out of council’s jurisdiction.

Kathryn Askew, who was speaking for the ‘informal’ group says, this most certainly is a local issue.

In terms of a next step for the group, Askew says she isn’t sure what they’ll do next. However, she does anticipate she will reach out to other groups in other municipalities in the province.

Roughly 40 people came in support of the group, and waited outside on the grassy area next to Beaufort avenue outside council chambers. Once they learned of council’s decision,  the contingent began to sing songs in unison about protecting BC’s coast.