On July 29th, 2015 the Comox Valley RCMP entered into a mischief to property file involving a truck and trailer driving through a fence. Not only did the vehicle drive through a fence but it then caused damage to a farmer’s field by burning donuts.

Police located the vehicle a short distance from the scene and stopped the truck but the driver and lone occupant fled into a wooded area. The police dog was called to the scene but the male exited the woods prior to the dog’s arrival and was taken into custody.

The truck that was being driven was checked and found to be stolen so recently that the owner did not even know it was missing.

The man was found to have prior unrelated charges and was found to be in breach of his previous release conditions. He was out past his court ordered curfew and was intoxicated by alcohol which he was prohibited from doing by the courts.

The man is now facing charges of Mischief to property, Theft over $5000, Possession of stolen property over $5000 and was held in custody pending a court appearance.