On Friday, September 25th, Constable Blouin of the Comox Valley RCMP started her shift like most others, not knowing what she might encounter, or how her presence would be needed.

At 12:25 pm, she responded to a report of an unconscious man, possibly suffering from a drug overdose, at a residence in Courtenay.

Knowing the serious medical risks associated with illicit drug use, Blouin rushed to the scene, where she located the man inside the residence.

Putting her First Aid skills to work, Blouin assessed the man’s vital signs, but found no pulse. She initiated CPR, which she continued for several minutes until the fire department arrived and took over.

Several minutes after taking over, the Courtenay Fire Department personnel were rewarded with a weak pulse. Thanks to the efforts of Constable Blouin and the firefighters, the man survived, and has made a full recovery.