The conservation office say they’ve had multiple sightings of a cougar on some popular trails in the Cumberland forest, the most recent sighting coming on Thursday.

Conservation Officer Gord Gudbranson says on two of those occasions, mountain bikers actually had to get off their bikes to make themselves look bigger, in an effort to shoo the animal away.

He says while they’ve had a sighting of multiple cougars, they believe only one is acting ‘moderately aggressive’ towards people.

Gudbranson reminds people to take care on area trails, and to follow basic cougar safety rules. For instance;

  • Make yourself look big
  • Face the cougar
  • Back away slowly
  • Report any sightings to 1-877-952-7277

He says the conservation office is out doing patrols in the forest, and that public tips are a great way to help them narrow down the search, as the cougars have been reported in several different areas in the forest.