The Village of Cumberland is pleased to announce the opening of a new pedestrian footbridge on the South Wellington Colliery Trail.

The bridge crosses a tributary of Maple Creek, known locally as “Boundary Creek” or the “Swamp Crossing”.

The project was a partnership between volunteers and the Village of Cumberland.

Village crews upgraded the approaches and installed the bridge abutments and stringers, while also improving protection of water works infrastructure in the area.

The bridge crosses a stream that is part of a series of important wetlands to the south of the Village.

The stream is a tributary of Maple Creek, which eventually flows into the Trent River before draining into Baynes Sound near Royston.

The crossing is adjacent to the historic Wellington Colliery Railway corridor that connected Cumberland’s coal mines to the deep sea port at Union Bay and is now a pedestrian greenway.

This well-used trail along streams, wetlands and forest is part of the route for major mountain bike races.

It also attracts bird-watchers and is a favourite recreational walking and cycling path for locals and visitors alike.

-Contributed by The Village of Cumberland