Local athletes from the Comox Valley and Campbell River area showed off their skills at the 2016 Special Olympics Canada Winter Games.

The event took place in Corner Brook, Newfoundland this year. 126 athletes were a part of Team BC, with 11 of those being from the Comox Valley. 3 Valley coaches also made the trek across the country.

Comox Valley floor hockey players Bobby Bolen, Brad Hogan, Jake Hooper, Joe Grubweiser, Keven Breland, Matthew Cadwell, Max Porcher, and Terry Daniels earned a silver medal with the BC Vipers in the top National Games floor hockey division.

Curlers Ken Davidson, Shelley Marinus, and Sherri Lines of the Comox Valley won silver with the BC Islanders team and Campbell River’s Hazen Meade earned 5th place in the 1600 metre snow shoeing race. Meade also finished 6th in the 400M and 800M events.

The Team BC coaching and mission staff included Comox Valley floor hockey coaches Randy James, Larry Cagna and Ed Houlihan. Campbell River coaches included Maureen Hunter (snow shoeing), Cheryl Clay (curling) and mission staffer George Maclagan.