There’s now less than a week to go in the provincial election.

In Courtenay-Comox, candidates are in the final push before voting day.

NDP Candidate Ronna-Rae Leonard notes that there’s a number of concerns she’s hearing from voters as she goes door to door. “…affordability, the service cuts and the lack of jobs in our rural communities are still strong elements that we’re hearing on the doorstep,” she says.

Liberal Candidate Jim Benninger says his party is still the right choice when it comes to jobs and the economy. “We’re heading into our 5th consecutive balanced budget…we’ve got the lowest middle-class tax rate – personal income taxes in Canada…we’ve got the 3rd lowest power [hydro] rates in Canada.”

Green Party Candidate Ernie Sellentin says he’s heard a lot of positive response from people he’s spoken to. “People are seeing the Green Party as a viable third option…we’re not [fighting] back-and-forth between the Liberals and NDP. We really want to work for the people here in the Valley,” he says.

Meanwhile, BC Conservative Candidate Leah McCulloch says she’s heard from a lot of people in the riding are looking for an alternative to the major parties. “What we want is strong independent people…so we need to work with everybody and make sure everybody is prepared for the future.”

There are four advance voting opportunities this week, starting Wednesday.
General voting day is on May 9th.