Mounties in the Comox Valley are dealing with a surge in thefts from vehicles.

Constable Rob Gardner says the number of thefts from vehicle cases is up 167%, compared to last year.

He says in more than 90% of cases the vehicles had been left unlocked.

Gardner says in most cases, if a vehicle is locked the thief will move on, unless there is something of high value left in sight. “The most common items stolen recently include change, cell phones, GPS and satellite radio units, wallets and the vehicle itself, or even a second vehicle in the driveway, as keys are regularly left in vehicles.”

Gardner says the best way to protect yourself is to lock your car doors.

He says it’s also important that you file a report if you find your vehicle has been gone through, even if nothing is taken.

“The information can be entered on a Crime Map and these crime trends can be followed,” says Gardner.