BC Hydro has cut the power to the residence of a 71 year old Ships Point woman in the Comox Valley. In a news release to Goat News from valley supporter Susan Holvenstot, who is getting the word out on this issue, the homeowner is refusing to have a smart meter installed over health, safety and privacy concerns and her valley supporters tell Goat News she currently owes more than 300-dollars in penalty fees.

BC Hydro spokesperson Ted Olnyk responds confirms her power has been disconnected.

Olnyk says BC Hydro has sent the client numerous notices for payment.

Meanwhile Susan Holvenstot, one of the key valley supporters of the Ships Point resident, says the woman has always paid on time for her electrical usage, and the senior who has had her power cut is calling this “extortion”, as the dispute with the utility continues with no resolution in sight.