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BC NDP to form government

After 16 years, the BC Liberal Party is no longer the governing party of British Columbia.

The government fell Thursday night after losing a non-confidence vote 44 to 42.

Following the vote, Premier Christy Clark met with the Lieutenant-Governor to advise her that Clark had lost the confidence of the house.

The Lieutenant-Governor then met with John Horgan and asked if he has the confidence of the house, which he said he does.

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Horgan said he will get to work right away putting together the government.

It is expected the NDP will survive its first confidence test, thanks to the agreement made with the BC Green Party.

The NDP will also need to pick a new speaker, as Speaker Steve Thomson resigned following the government’s defeat.

Should the speaker come from the newly-formed NDP government’s benches, or the Greens, the seat count in the legislature will be tied at 43.

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