Water flows are steady in the Puntledge River system.

BC Hydro spokesperson Stephen Watson says the reservoir level is slowly starting to lower (currently at 134.9 metres) but it’s still near the full level.

Watson notes crews are running the generating station at about 30% capacity.

“We’ll likely keep at this flow rate of about 15 cubic metres per second through into September. This allows us to generate some power, keep the fish habitat covered with water, it’s good for domestic water supply and just overall health of the system,” he says.

Monthly water inflow totals into the reservoir in May were 113%, in June 92%, and so far for July, about 61% of normal. Watson says that, “this summer we look to be in pretty good shape for water abundance.”

Watson notes flows have aren’t as fast as they were earlier this summer but still urges tubers and water users to be cautious around the Puntledge River system.