A discipline hearing has been set for a suspended Courtenay pharmacist.

Isidore “Rudy” Sanchez will be under review through the College of Pharmacists of BC in Vancouver. The hearing dates are October 16th through the 18th, and November 6th through the 10th. The hearings will be open to the public.

Sanchez previously managed Marigold Compounding Natural Pharmacy in downtown Courtenay before being suspended in 2014. He was suspended due to concerns about public safety and health.

The College claims non-sterile and unclean facilities were used to produce prescription drugs and over-the-counter health products without the authority to do so. They say that in addition to this, human placenta intended for encapsulation was accepted and prepared with very little regard for safety protocols when handling human tissue, despite the lack of a proper facility or approval to provide it.

A group called “Save Marigold Society” formed to support the pharmacy. Sanchez has previously served a year-and-a-half suspension for similar infractions after Marigold was shut down in 2010.