Dignitaries gathered together to honour the legacy of St. Joseph’s Hospital this weekend.

Acute care patients and staff were transferred over to the new Comox Valley Hospital earlier this month.

Wilma McKenzie, longtime resident of The Views

Most Reverend Bishop Gary Gordon says the site will continue to provide subsidized residential and hospice care at its “The Views” facility.

“We are embarking in a partnership with Providence Health Care and we’ll be moving forward to a redevelopment of the site that will provide expert long-term care for seniors, especially the most vulnerable, with leading edge science and innovation to take care of those vulnerable people,” he says.

“We will also have on site a whole community of care for seniors from independent living, assisted living, support and outreach to the community. So this is going to be a campus and a village of what I would call world-class care for seniors.”

Gordon adds that over the facility’s 104-year history, it achieved and maintained the highest level of accreditation for Health Care in Canada.