This weekend marks the 42nd annual Comox Valley Child Development Association telethon.

CVCDA Executive Director Joanna Schroeder says there will be 8 hours of live entertainment, including music, dances, prizes and raffles, all raising funds for the Association.

The CVCDA offers 13 different programs and Schroeder says that last year, they served over a thousand families around the Comox Valley.

“We have a couple of adult programs, for adults with disabilities to help them with employment skills and social skills. We have an infant development program where children under 3 are referred.”

She notes that they also have an autism program, which provides individualized services to kids with autism.

“We’re hopeful this year, in particular, that we’ll raise lots of money at the telethon and we’ll be able to provide some of those extra funds to our new autism building that we’re starting to build next spring out back of our existing facility,” she says.

The CVCDA telethon takes place at the Sid Williams Theatre on Sunday, November 5th from 12 until 8 PM. More information about the Association and telethon can be found through their website.