Some good news for users of the Comox Valley water system.

That’s the word from the CVRD’s Vice-Chair Bob Wells.

He says at the Regional District Board’s November 28th meeting, they passed a motion to accept a contract to get the ultra-violet (UV) filtration system installed at the existing chlorination station.

The equipment has been ordered in and should be in the Comox Valley by the end of the year, to be installed as soon as possible in 2018.

“Once that’s installed, that’s going to allow us to go up to an NTU [Nephelometric Turbidity Unit] of 3 – up from 1, where we are right now,” he says.

“In practical matters, that’s gonna reduce our boil water advisories by more than 80 percent. So if you look at the boil water that we had last week – that wouldn’t have had to be called on based on turbidity.”

Wells adds they’re going to be able to migrate the new equipment to the planned new water-treatment plant.

“We’re not sort of throwing money away on this. We’re actually just installing it kind of early and we’ll move it to its new location when we go live with the full water treatment plant.”