COURTENAY, B.C- A suspect in an unusual robbery case has been arrested in Courtenay.

The case began after a break-in last Wednesday at the Sexy Kitten Boutique in Courtenay, along Cliffe Avenue.

According to store owner Janel Debalinhard, the suspect was a known customer of the shop. The man, who Debalinhard had described as being in his 60’s, had attempted to steal a particularly large item he had been looking to buy previously in the week.

Security footage from the night of the break-in showed the man breaking through the front door of the shop with what appeared to be a hammer, making his way to the back of the store.

“He was looking for one particular item,” said Debalinhard, last week.

“He managed to grab it, and leave out the front door, but he came back a few seconds later and decided to search around, because he grabbed the wrong one. I happened to sell that item earlier that day.”

The exact reason why the man stole one particular item remains unclear. Last week, Debalinhard said he had come in to examine his target prior to the break-in.

“He came in the other afternoon, and he was acting very strange,” said Debalinhard.

“He came to look at the box, he opened it up and did some little measurements, and then he proceeded to take off quickly, and said ‘he would be back’.”

On Jan.17, police confirmed an arrest had been made in relation to the break and enter, as well as the theft at the business.

While the name of the person arrested has not yet been made public, they’ve been released on a promise to appear in court at a later date.