A recent social media post by a local business has created quite a stir.

On Saturday the owners of the Fishermen’s Lodge Pub, which sits on the Oyster River, posted on Facebook that they would be charging $10 per person, per day for an access permit to use their private property.

The post says the permit would be needed by anyone wanting to pick up or drop off a boat, who wants to fish there, who wants to walk their dog there, or for any other recreational use. The post also threatens all violators with trespassing charges.

It’s garnered a universally negative response, with more than 1,000 posts that include things like calling for a boycott of the business and stating the owners have no right to charge for access to the river because it is public property.

Roman Anthony, the owner of the Fishermen’s Lodge Pub, says he is waiting to hear back from his lawyer before making an official statement on the issue.

Strathcona Regional District says it’s working on finding out whether or not Anthony has a legal right to charge for access to the river.