VANCOUVER, B.C.-The provincial government has released an update on the recent norovirus outbreak related to raw oysters.

As of yesterday the BC Centre for Disease Control says the outbreak includes 132 cases in the province. That’s down from last week.

The BCCDC says most of the people were infected after eating oysters from south and central Baynes Sound. Four shellfish farms linked to the illnesses have been closed until further notice. Although the BCCDC didn’t name the farms, it released their BC Crown landfile numbers: CLF#1402060, CLF#1411206, CLF#1400483, and CLF#278757.

The investigation into the outbreak is ongoing but human sewage is believed to be the most likely reason for the contamination. In the meantime officials are recommending oysters be cooked thoroughly, to an internal temperature of 90 degrees for 90 seconds, before being eaten.