CAMPBELL RIVER, B.C- A wildfire has caused an evacuation west of Campbell River.

According to information from the B.C Wildfire Service, the blaze is located along the Argonaut Mainline, close to the site of the Quinsam Coal Corporation near Campbell River.

The fire, which is out of control and was reported to be around four hectares in size by the latest information, is believe to have been human-caused. It was found on Wednesday, and given the number V80353.

According to Alicia Young, the wife of a worker in the area, the mine site was evacuated around 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday. A helicopter had been in the area dumping water on the fire, and additional services are headed to the site in the morning to battle the blaze.

Young shared video of the fire to social media, and the flames in the video are believed to be near the mine’s tailings dam. A screenshot of that video is attached to this story.



Official information on the fire, evacuations, and possible damage to the mine site remains unavailable at this time.