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Hillian to seek re-election for council seat

COURTENAY, B.C- Doug Hillian wants to stay on city council.

The Courtenay councillor told on Friday that he plans to seek re-election this year, after previously indicating he was “90 per cent” sure of the move earlier in the year.

“It’s a four year term, a long time,” said Hillian, speaking in March during the launch party for fellow councillor David Frisch’s mayoral bid.

“There is always personal factors that influence that decision. I probably won’t make up my mind 100 per cent for a couple of months, and then it’s up to the people.”

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He’s now made up his mind. While he plans to make a formal announcement closer to the election date, Hillian plans to seek re-election.

“I think that the election is in October,” said Hillian.

“We’ve got a long summer, where people are going to be interested in vacations and such. People are going to pay more attention as it get’s closer to the date, but at this time, my plan is to certainly run again, and offer myself to my candidacy. If the voters are agreeable, I would consider it a privilege to serve again.”

Hillian also said he had been asked to run for mayor, and he appreciated the support. However, he was comfortable with the role he currently plays, and how it fitted with his life.

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He also stated that “younger people” are more enthusiastic about the possibility of running for mayor.

He had previously endorsed Frisch.

Frisch is one of three declared mayoral candidates for Courtenay, with the other two being councillors Bob Wells and Erik Eriksson.

Incumbent mayor Larry Jangula and Councillor Rebecca Lennox have not yet declared their intentions.

Municipal elections in British Columbia take place on Oct. 20, 2018, and the official nomination period for candidates begins on Sept.3.

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