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Cause of fatal helicopter crash still unknown

CAMPBELL RIVER, B.C- The cause of a fatal helicopter crash that happened near Campbell River last October is still not known.

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada released a report this morning of an investigation into the cause of a crash that claimed the life of one pilot, and left another with serious injury.

The crash, which took place on October 1st 2017, happened just northwest of the Campbell River Airport.

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The two pilots were on a training run aboard the Robinson R44 Astro helicopter when the helicopter began to spin and crashed into some trees.

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The report said both pilots were certified and qualified to fly.

It also said that while they did find evidence of wear on drive belts, and gouges and loose bolts on an engine cooling fan, they weren’t able to determine if either were factors in the crash.

Because there were no data or voice recorders, the board says more information was not available.

The report said that in the past, the board has recommended that Transport Canada make such recording systems mandatory for lightweight commercial and private operators.

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