CAMPBELL RIVER, B.C- The RCMP responded to a call this week about a man openly carrying an assault rifle.

According to a media release on the Campbell River RCMP website, police received the call on Monday, June 25th, at 2:00 pm. The caller said a man was walking on the Island Highway carrying the weapon under his arm.

Police responded immediately and two men were taken into custody without incident.

The CR RCMP said the man was actually carrying an airsoft rifle that “had the appearance of an assault rifle”.

The two, aged 25 and 48, were also carrying drugs, nunchakus and knives, both have been charged with weapons offenses.

Corporal Ron Vlooswyk, media spokesperson for the CR RCMP, added a statement about the dangers of carrying an item that closely resembles a weapon.

“There is no way of knowing a firearm is real or fake without close, hands on inspection,” he said.

“They are all treated as real by the responding officers and they are treated as real by the courts. This was a dangerous situation that could have turned out very badly if it hadn’t been for the coordinated member response with the caller who relayed good accurate information.”

In the release, the RCMP provided a photo of a fake and real assault rifle side by side, with the question “Could you tell the difference?”

The two men involved are set to appear in court on August 27th, 2018.