CUMBERLAND, B.C. – The Village of Cumberland has hired a new member to its staff.

Powell River-born Kaelin Chambers has been hired on as Cumberland’s Economic Development Coordinator. Chambers has ten years of experience in socio-economic assessment and community engagement.

He also served as co-chair of the Economic Steering Committee, which contributed to Cumberland’s Economic Development Strategy 2018-2023.

“Working in both fields of socio-economic assessment and community engagement has afforded me a holistic understanding of how programs, policies and developments interact with local communities and economies,” he stated, in a release issued by the village.

“I’m very excited for the opportunity to work for the Village of Cumberland and look forward to identifying and facilitating economic growth that is consistent with our community values.”

In his new position, Chambers will serve as the main point of contact for businesses and non-profits in Cumberland, while providing ongoing services in the support, retention and expansion of existing local businesses.

He is also responsible for working closely with staff to implement the Cumberland Economic Development Strategy.

The Village is currently accepting applications from prospective members of a new Economic Development Strategy Committee to provide further guidance and direction to Cumberland’s economic development planning process.

Further details can be found through the village’s website.